Acetal Pipe Clips for the Mars Rover project

Tefloturn's Acetal pipe clips were used on the Mars Rover projectTefloturn is proud to have been involved in the manufacture of Acetal parts used in the construction of high tech equipment in the space industry.  Our client, is a global leader in aerospace and defence.

We were contacted by them after they found Tefloturn through an Internet search. The organisation had a requirement for sets of Acetal pipe clips. These parts were to be used in a precision welding process on copper pipes used on the Mars Rover.

After initial phone calls to discuss the parts, Tefloturn organised a site visit to their impressive UK satellite design and construction facility .  Subsequently, emailed plans were submitted, which were used to design and manufacture the final Acetal clips (pictured below).

Tefloturn's Acetal pipe clips wgich were used on the Mars Rover project