Plastic Parts for Undisclosed Purposes

Occasionally, we get orders from clients who don’t tell us what their plastic parts are to be used for. It may be because the end client wishes to remain anonymous, possibly the items are of a sensitive commercial nature or perhaps a Non Disclosure Agreement has been signed. In any case we are always happy to work in full cooperation with our customers and respect their requirements.

The photos below are from a couple of projects where we can’t say exactly where the parts are to be utilised. The box is an enclosure for electrical circuitry which is designed to be resin-filled and submerged in a liquid. The white cylinder is part of a filter manufactured in PTFE. Everything else, we’ll keep under our hats!


These plastic parts below were made for a touchscreen application. The holes are only 2mm diameterand they are 30mm long. We put a 10p piece there for scale.