Our Plastics Manufacturing Facility

You may already have a regular supplier for your plastic parts, but sometimes you may have a requirement for urgent work. Call us (01485 600684) as we may have the available capacity to service your order on a faster turnaround. Our plastics manufacturing facility is high-spec and versatile…

The equipment we use in our workshop

Star SB-20R Type C

Tefloturn has invested heavily in plant to enable us to produce turned parts more quickly, more reliably and to more exacting standards. We have increased our capacity and at the same time have further improved the quality of our output – providing our customers with more options, faster production and even higher standards of work. Our customers enjoy shortened lead times too, with 3-week delivery often achievable – your delivery date quote being processed via Datatrack, our production management system.

STSB20RtypeCAR SB-20R Type C

The SB-20R is the main focus of our workshop and is the powerhouse behind our production.

This Swiss Style CNC Automatic Lathe is a machine that combines high performance with complex machining capabilities. It is capable of machining turned components up to 20mm in diameter.

We partner this sliding head CNC lathe with a bar magazine. It allows us to carry out top-spec production runs and has the ability to run unattended – 24 hours a day (dependant on materials and components).

STAR SB-20R Type G

Our recent premises move has proved so beneficial to us that we have bought a Star SB-20RG with a FMB turbo 2-20/3200 bar feed which will greatly improve the range of parts we make and adds to what we can do for our clients (they are always top of our list of priorities).

Because it has extra features we should get lights out running. Our new machine will arrive early October 2018 so send your RFQ’s soon to sales@tefloturn.co.uk to book machine hours especially for long runs.


Other machines in our inventory include…

SMX2500 Bed Mill

SMX2500 Bed Mill



SLX 1630

SLX 1630






… plus the other traditional workshop equipment you’d expect to find, such as a longbed centre lathe mill, Britan manual 32mm capacity lathe, inspection equipment, shadowgraph, slip gauges etc.