Tefloturn Interview

Jackie & Mick from Tefloturn were invited to MTD Network recently to make a video  about what happens here in the plastics machining workshop, to feature in their ‘Swarf and Chips’ series.

The interview introduced our Head of Security and covered the beginnings of our company, the wide range of plastics we work with and our machining capacity. You’ll see a sample of the plastic machined parts we make too.

Mick says, “We are as the name suggests a plastic machining company with many years combined experience in plastics. We both turn and mill, so we find there are very few components that fall outside our size range. We will work with any type of plastics including PTFE, PEEK, Acetal, Delrin, Nylon, Polyurethane as well as the exotic types. We are a small company with big ambitions. Just right for your parts.”

Our thanks to MTD’s brilliant Lyndsey and Colin who presented the piece. Tefloturn’s M.D. Mick would like to let viewers know that he did all his own stunts during the making of this video!